Chasing Salvation In a world of deception and bloodshed, seduction and loss, vampires and werewolves,
it can seem that the end is near for all mankind. But humanity will not be left without
potential heroes to bring hope to the people, even if they don't really know what's
going on around them. In the realm of Sinners and Saviors, second chances arise for
lost souls, and destiny isn't written in stone. All you have to do is overcome the
demons roaming this land, and seize your chance at Salvation.

When werewolves and vampires rise, Heaven needs answers. Enter Michael, a tortured
soul pulled from Hell and given a second chance. He is a disgraced warrior from a
different time prepared to fight through all the horrors of this world to not waste his
chance. A beautiful woman named L crosses his path, providing the ultimate temptation
for any man. Will she help Michael reach his redemption, or simply lead him back to

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