Salvation's Legacy The journey for redemption continues for Michael in book 3 of the Sinners and Saviors
series. The dead man walking fights on, despite personal loss and a bleak and uncertain
future. Maybe he didn't really escape Hell, but just ended up on a new level.

Losses are piling up for Michael. Nick is gone. L is separating herself. Yet Michael
pushes on. He searches for a pack of werewolves suspected in the disappearance of a
number of vampires.

He is not alone, however. Jacob continues to help guide him, and a new woman will enter
his life. There are new enemies and allies, including a demon, a blind vampire assassin,
and a little girl who could change things forever.

But there may be some fights even a dead man cannot win. Will the toll of constant war
overwhelm him? Or will he continue to be the stable driving force for good against the
never-ending onslaught of evil?

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