Salvation Lost
In book 2 of the Sinners and Saviors Series, a new day has brought new hope for
peace on Earth, as a marriage has brought the vampires and werewolves to peace.
That peace is fragile, and the slightest mistake could shatter it.
Infidelity is far from slight.

A threat has emerged that is wreaking havoc on their secretive world. Stuck in
the middle of the chaos once again, Michael accepts the responsibility of finding
out the truth, both to save friends and stop war. Someone isn't waiting, and a dead
body is the last thing they need right now.

With new dangers come new faces, and possibly new love interests for the undead man.
However, old flames still linger, and promise to complicate anything close to a normal
life. With whom does his heart lie? And will an old enemy threaten to destroy his world
and undo the good he has done?

Lives hang in the balance as opportunities and dangers are seemingly around every corner.
Evil forever tries to turn the tide, and as in all wars, there will be casualties. Often,
it is the innocent that pay the highest price in war. Salvation has its cost.

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