Evastar Tragon, once the head of the king's army, has been exiled. Declared a traitor for failing
to find the ultimate army, the king no longer has need of him. Tragon isn't one to go
away quietly, and he will get his revenge.

A dangerous assassin, Karissa is focused on her task at hand and completing the contract
she was hired for. A chance meeting with a stranger complicates her mission. Is there a
place for love in her world of death?

A young woman is the key to the ultimate prize, the Immortal Army. With her companion,
a mechanical panther, the army is of little interest to her, until circumstances force the
situation. War looms regardless of the army.

The ultimate weapon, an army that is not human, that can't be bought or bargained with,
that has no mercy nor compassion. Whoever posses the army holds the key to ruling over
all. With a prize so valuable waiting to be found, are there any limits to what people will
do to obtain the army? And is there any price too great for those who want to keep the peace?

The journey for power and peace is a long and dangerous one in EVASTAR.

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